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Thursday, September 14 2023
From Pawn to Purchase: How to Buy Pawned Items with Confidence


Pawn shops are great places to find bargains. Many people have walked out of pawn shops with items they always dreamed of owning purchased at a fraction of the cost. Others bought goods that worked in the shop but stopped functioning days later.

When you buy at a pawn shop, you take a risk. But there are ways to get around those risks. This article will explain how to buy pawned items with confidence.

Look at Reviews

Most modern businesses have online reviews that indicate what type of service they offer. Pawn shops are no exception. If a pawn shop has mostly good reviews, they likely sell reputable items. If the pawn shop has negative reviews- stay away.

Ask for Documentation

Some pawn shop items collect documentation from sellers that reveal the item’s condition. For example, they may provide you with receipts or warranties that are still current. They may also offer certificates of authenticity for designer items so you can tell you’re not buying a knockoff.

If the pawn shop doesn’t have paperwork readily available, ask for it.

Try Out the Items

If you purchase an item with a specific function, try it out in advance. Plug-in electronic items to see if they work. Demo tools and musical instruments to make sure they do their job. 

Look at the Item Carefully 

Take your time looking at the item you are purchasing. Make sure it is not stained or damaged. The last thing you want to do is take it home and find out it’s not in good shape as advertised.

Ask for a Discount

Some pawn shops are known for overcharging their customers. But many are prepared to haggle. Try to get a lower price for the items you purchase. This strategy will ensure that you don’t overpay for pawnshop goods.

Ask About Return Policies 

Don’t assume that items you purchase at pawn shops are not returnable. Many pawn shops have return policies. But it’s essential to find out what the policy entails.

For example, some pawn shops only accept returns for recently purchased items. Others won’t refund items unless you have a receipt or the original packaging. Find out about the shop’s policy to ensure you get your money back if necessary.

Only Work with Licensed Pawn Shops

A pawn shop’s license means it must comply with federal and state laws. A licensed pawn shop will be less likely to rip you off. Most pawn shops will have their licenses hanging in their locations. They may also have their license numbers on their website. If you don’t see proof of a license, ask the shop for documentation.

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