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Monday, March 23 2020
Is There Any Value in Sports Collectibles?

Is There Any Value in Sports Collectibles?

Have you ever dug through your attic and found some old baseball cards? Or perhaps you have an autographed football with a famous name on it. Whatever sports collectibles you have, it probably occurred to you that you can sell it for a nice pay day. But can you? Do your sports collectibles have any value? And if so, how much money could you get for yours?

Let’s look at some factors that can determine how valuable your collectible is.


Authentication is the only way to get a concrete value of your sports collectible. Without authentication, your collectible is only worth as much as someone will pay for it.

If someone authenticates your collectible, it’s value can increase dramatically — sometimes by hundreds of dollars.

To get your collectible authenticated, you’ll have to contact a third-party authenticator. You may have to pay a fee as well — but if you plan on selling your collectible, a small fee will be worth the hundreds extra that you bring in.

Player Skill

Players that are/were objectively better the their sport will naturally bring a higher price — partially because of their skill, but also because they don’t give out their signature that often.

Take Tom Brady, for example. Sure, he’s good at what he does. However, he also doesn’t sign things that often, making his signature even more valuable.

Player Popularity

Player skill matters in determining value, but so does player popularity.

For example, Michael Jordan’s signature will be worth more than most other basketball players in history partly because of his huge popularity. He was also great at the game, of course, which makes his signature worth even more.

It isn’t likely for a Michael Jordan signature to fluctuate in value, but value fluctuations in value are definitely possible for memorabilia from other players.

Take Jeremy Lin, for example. He was killing it on the New York Knicks. During that time, his signature was worth a pretty penny.

But now that he’s not in the spotlight, fewer people value his signature, making it worth less than what it used to be.

The Item Itself

Last but certainly not least, the signed item itself can play a significant part in its value. A good example would be footballs. A football used in a Super Bowl game would be worth a lot more than a football used in a regular season game.

This also plays off of the player in question. For example, a signed Kobe Bryant jersey would be worth a lot more than a signed Kobe Bryant picture.

In fact, jerseys (along with helmets) are some of the most valuable items — they did belong to the player, after all.

If you have any sports collectibles that you have laying around that you want to sell for quick cash or want to pawn, come to Cash Express and get the cash you deserve! We specialize in a variety of goods such as antiques, gold, watches, jewelry, coins and more. Check us out online!

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Thursday, March 12 2020
Do Silver-Plated Antiques Have Any Value?

Do Silver-Plated Antiques Have Any Value?

Have you ever wonderd why your fork, spoon, and knife are called “silverware”? Believe it or not, cutlery items and dishware used to be made of silver quite often, which is where the name came from. The silver was used by ancient societies as it killed microorganisms that could cause sickness.

Today, we call everything silverware. However, it’s commonly made with stainless steel to make it more affordable. But you may have old, true “silverware” and other silver-plated antiques. The question is, do they have any value? And if so, how much can you get for them?

Let’s explore this more below.

Sterling Vs. Silver-Plated

You may be excited to learn that your stainless steel cutlery is coated in silver. You could make a killing at a pawn shop!

Well, not exactly.

As it turns out, silver-plated items don’t have much value. That’s not to say they are worthless, but there simply is not enough silver in the items for them to have value when melted down.

The true value comes in items that are sterling silver. Sterling silver items are made with at least 92.5% silver. The other 7.5% comes from various other metals — copper being an example.

You can sell sterling silverware at several types of locations.

  • Private sales — Private parties take the most time and effort, but you can net the most money. You’ll have to advertise your piece online or through newspaper ads. You could also try an auction, but you have to set a reserve price, and the auction company may take commission.

  • Silver dealers — Silver dealers are a faster method than private sales, but the earnings aren’t as high. Silver dealers either pay by the number of pieces you have or they pay by the ounce.

  • Pawn shops — Pawn shops like Cash Express love to see sterling silverware. You’ll be able to sell your silverware quite fast at a pawn shop while still getting a good chunk of change, although you won’t make as much as if you sold your silver another way.

Of course, it’s less likely that you’ll have sterling silverware in your possession. It’s worth a look, though.

Is It Still Possible to Sell My Silver-Plated Antiques?

Yes, it’s still possible, although you won’t be able to make as much money.

Most pawn shops typically won’t take silver-plated flatware, but don’t count them out — some flatware patterns have followings, so people may be looking for the specific pattern you have.

Silver dealers may be a better option for selling your silver-plated antiques.

Sell or Pawn Your Silver Items

If you have a true silver item, you can sell or pawn it at Cash Express if you want some extra money. We love precious metals!

Bring your items in — we’ll get you a fair price on your item and have you out with the money in your hand the same day.

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Thursday, February 20 2020
Top 10 Most Valuable Antiques You Could Find

We don’t often think about the value of random thing we have in stuffed away in boxes. However, tons of old items — including things you might own — could be worth a hundreds or even thousands if you bring them to the right place.

Here are some of the most valuable antiques you might find.

1. Paintings

You might not have the Mona Lisa, but you never know if you have a valuable painting in your possession. Some people have said that they lived by painters who gifted them a piece of artwork that later became valuable when the painter struck fame. Worth looking into if you have any paintings.

2. Guitars

Guitars are not only musical instruments, but some consider them pieces of art. They don’t have to be antique, either. Guitars in good condition — even those from the 60’s and 70’s — can be worth a lot.

3. Tools

Head over to your shed or workbench and take a look at your tools. See anything that’s quite old? Older tools can be worth a lot, but you’ll want to check out a price guide to get a more accurate estimate of their value.

If you find anything valuable, you could sell it and have enough money to buy a brand new tool set.

4. Persian Rugs

Persian rugs take a long time to appreciate in value, but the wait is worth it if it’s been in your possession for decades. Rugs over 100 years old are considered antiques. Price is determined by factors such as size, material, and design.

5. Books

Did your grandparents or great grandparents buy a well-known book when it came out decades ago? First edition books from the 1930s - 1950s (and before) can be worth thousands of dollars.

6. Baseball Cards

In general, baseball cards increase in value as they get older. That being said, there are several other aspects that play into the card’s value. If you have baseball cards, consider getting them appraised.

7. Lamps

If you’ve inherited an old lamp that just doesn’t seem to fit your current decor, don’t fret — depending on brand, an old lamp could earn you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Brands like Handel and Pairpoint will net you a pretty penny.

8. Christmas Ornaments

New Christmas ornaments are a dime a dozen, but older Christmas ornaments passed down through generations could be worth a lot. A single ornament could be worth several hundred dollars; not bad for a little orb you hang on a tree once a year.

9. Silverware

Believe it or not, old sterling silverware can net you a good amount of cash. Individual pieces can fetch you a few hundred — but if you have a whole set, that’s potentially a couple thousand dollars.

10. Vintage Ads

Vintage-style ads add a touch of fashion to your home when placed well. However, real vintage ads may be worth selling instead. Even ads for the most mundane items could fetch your hundreds.

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Monday, February 10 2020
How to Discover the Price of an Antique

How to Discover the Price of an Antique

Do you own a historical or valuable antique, such as an old coin, artwork, or a firearm? You’re probably wondering what it’s worth out of curiosity; or maybe you want to sell it and you’re hoping to maximize your earnings.

There are several sources you can use to discover approximately how valuable your antique is. Try some of these place.

1. Search for Similar Antiques for Sale Online

A great place to start your search is online. Begin by searching for items for sale that are similar to your antique. For example, if you have an old coin, see if you can find other coins for sale.

While you’re using your search engine, try look for databases related to your item; to do so, just run a search for your item plus “database”. You’ll find a lot of pricing information regarding your item.

eBay is another online place you should check out, as tons of people sell antique items on there every day. Run a search for your item and see what prices you find.

2. Find an Appraiser for Your Antique

Nearly every type of item has an appraiser for it. Find an appraiser that is certified by the American Society of Appraisers, the Appraisers Association of America, or the International Society of Appraisers. You can seek out an appraiser directly, or you may be able to find one at an antique store.

You will have to pay for an appraiser, but getting an accurate estimate may be worth the cost.

Don’t have time to visit an appraiser or an antique store? You can get an estimate online from a valuation site. It won’t be as accurate since the appraiser can’t look at the item, but you should get a decent estimate if you’re thorough and honest in your description.

3. Auction Houses

Auction houses will evaluate your item for a fee that depends on location. However, some auction houses will host an occasional “Valuation Day” where they will estimate the value of your antique for free.

4. Collectibles Dealers

Is your antique a collectible item, such as a coin or a set of baseball cards? It likely has more established guidelines of determining its value; in this case, you’ll want to take your antique to a collectibles dealer.

As with appraisers, make sure the collectibles dealer you visit is certified by an appraisal organization. Also, read online reviews of any dealers you visit to ensure they’re reputable.

5. The Library

Your local library should have resources to assist you in discovering the price of your antique. One of these resources is a type of book called a price guide. Price guides contain an assortment of typical antique items and what prices they have sold for.

Look at collector’s books as well. In collectors books, you’ll find a detailed look at your item, including aspects such as size, condition, and sometimes pricing information.

If you’re having trouble finding the resources you need, ask a librarian to help you out.

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Monday, January 20 2020
Should I Pawn or Sell My Items?

Should I Pawn or Sell My Items?

When you’re looking for some fast cash, a pawn shop like Cash Express should be at the front of your mind. At pawn shops, you can quickly sell your items for cash or pawn them for a loan.

But you might be wondering: which one is better? Should you pawn your items for a loan, or sell them outright?

The answer depends on a few factors.

Before we get to which avenue works best for you, let’s distinguish pawning from selling.

What is Pawning?

Pawning is the act of taking out a loan from a pawn shop using one of your possessions as collateral. The pawnbroker evaluates your item and extends you a loan based on what they determine to be the item’s worth.

The pawnbroker then holds onto your item until you pay back the loan principal plus interest and fees. If you don’t pay the loan back, the pawnbroker takes possession of your item.

What is Selling?

Selling at a pawn shop is simpler. You bring in your item, then negotiate with the pawnbroker until you agree on a price. Once you hand off the item to the pawnbroker, you get your cash and have no further obligations to the shop.

Pawning vs. Selling

Consider the following factors when you’re deciding between pawning and selling your item.

Sentimental Value

Does the item you plan on using to get cash hold sentimental value? For example, is it a family heirloom? You’d want to pawn it so you can get it back.

If the item isn’t something of sentimental value, say an old computer, then selling it would make more sense.

Items Potential to Gain Value

You should also consider if the item you’re using for cash will increase in value. For example, let’s say you have a nice watch with no sentimental value to you, but it might increase in value in the future.

In this case, pawning is the better option. You can use the watch several times to get loans when you need them; plus, as the item becomes more valuable, your loan potential increases.

But again, if the item is something that won’t be worth much in the future (such as old electronics), selling it will maximize the cash you earn.

Will Pawning or Selling Get You More Money?

Pawning an item gets you more money. See, pawn loans are less risky to pawnbrokers because they have a chance of getting their money back plus additional interest and fees.

In other words, there’s less of a chance that the pawnbroker will have to find a buyer for your item.

Once again, this makes pawning a better method for your more valuable items (watches, jewelry), as you’ll get quite a lot of cash.

But if you’re looking more to declutter your home and get some quick cash, selling would be the better route.

Whether you need an easy loan or some quick cash, Cash Express wants your items! Bring your items into our shop and we’ll get you the cash you need fast.

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Tuesday, January 14 2020
Best Items to Pawn at a Pawn Shop

Thinking about pawning some items for fast cash?

Pawn shops accept a wide variety of items. The value of these items varies by the pawn shop’s location; however, some items will net you a high price at any pawn shop.

Pawn one of the following items at your local pawn shop to get the most money.

Precious Metals

Precious metal is a pawn shop favorite. Gold can get you a good price, but some precious metals pay even more.

Aside from being worth a lot, precious metals can increase in value over time. You may be able to obtain a lot of money from pawnbrokers by pawning your gold or silver.


Gems are another pawnbroker favorite. Diamonds in particular can make you a lot of money; in fact, they are one of the most common items purchase by pawnbrokers due to demand and scarcity.

Bring in the right diamond, and you could make a few thousand fast.

Tablets / Smartphones / Laptops

Tablets, smartphones, and laptops are the best electronic devices to pawn at a pawn shop. Smartphones and tablets can net you a few hundred dollars, while laptops can earn you even more.

Newer electronics that work well will make the most money for obvious reasons. However, selling your old electronics to pawn shops is a fast way to declutter your house and make a few bucks.

Power Tools

Blue collar working people often can’t afford brand new power tools (which can cost hundreds), so they often turn to pawn shops for affordable used models.

You could easily get $50 - $150 per power tool at a pawn shop. Make sure to check it’s condition and clean it before bringing it to your local pawn shop.


Firearms hold their value quite well in pawn shops. If you have firearms you don’t use, pawning one can bring in an easy few hundred dollars.

A few things to do when pawning firearms:

  • Call ahead to ensure pawnbroker is licensed to buy firearms

  • Unload the firearm prior to bringing it in

  • Bring all legal paperwork

Collectible Coins / Currency

Collectible coins and currencies — such as silver dollars, proof sets, American Eagle coins, and unique paper money — tend to exceed their face value at pawnshops.

Dig through your pockets, coin jar, and other coin storage areas. There could be a lot of money sitting in these areas in the form of collectible coins/currencies.


Watches are valuable for the materials/labor/craftsmanship, but also for the psychological effect of a nice timepiece.

To snag the highest price, you need a valuable brand and proof of the watch’s authenticity. With the right paperwork to prove authenticity, luxury brands like Rolex or Ulysse can fetch at least $1,000, if not more.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods are great items to pawn because they can be easier to part with. Chances are you have old snowboard, skateboard, gold clubs, bicycles, or other sporting goods you never use.

Bring these into a pawn shop; you could collect $100 per sporting good.

Do you need some quick cash? If you have any of the above items, bring them into the Cash Express pawn shop in Philadelphia. We’re looking forward to seeing you here!

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Saturday, December 21 2019
Why You Should Shop for Gifts at Pawn Shops Instead of Retail Stores

The holiday season is one of joy and giving, but it’s also one of stress. Few enjoy fighting through the ice and snow, battling it out among retail store aisles, praying that the items they need are still in stock, and spending wads of cash hoping that they bought the right gifts for the right people.

Whether you shop at the biggest retail chains or a smaller store only in your geographic area, you probably go through this struggle every year.

But what if you could skip the lines and find the perfect gift for everyone close to you, all while saving money?

Just look to your local pawn shop. Read below to learn why you should shop for gifts at pawn shops instead of retails stores.

1. Inventory

Pawn shops have diverse inventories, so there should be a gift for even the hardest person to shop for. Here at Cash Express, we have great gift items for nearly anyone in your life:
Video games
Power tools

And much more. Visit Cash Express in Philadelphia if you need a unique gift this holiday season.

2. Less Crowds

Pawn shops have acquired an unfortunate stigma of being dirty or shady, despite the many regulations governing pawn shops and the strong relationships many pawn shops have with local law enforcement.

Still, you can use this stigma to your advantage. Pawn shops won’t be as jammed full of shoppers as retails stores due to said stigma, so no need to fight through several winter coat-clad people to get the gift item you want.

3. Negotiable Prices

Good luck haggling for a better price at a giant retailer. 

At pawn shops, it’s a different story. Not only are their prices lower on many items, but negotiation is encouraged! Feel free to try and haggle a lower price out of the pawn shop if you feel you can make a good case for it.

4. Financing Options

Scraping together a holiday budget is tough, even when you’re at a pawn shop where the prices are both low and negotiable.

At pawn shops, you can bring in your items to either pawn or sell. When you pawn an item, the pawn shop hands you a loan for what they determine to be the items value. They hold your item as collateral. Payback the loan in full and on time, you get your item back. Fail to do so, and the pawn shop takes your item. No fees, no credit checks/damage, no paperwork, no headaches.

Otherwise, you can simply sell the item if you really don’t want it.

So if you’ve got anything around the house you don’t want, bring it on down to Cash Express and we’ll have a look at it. Then, you can use the proceeds to shop from some of our cool inventory. 

Pawn Shops: Your One Stop Shop for the Holidays

By ditching retail stores for pawn shops, you could avoid annoying crowds, bolster your holiday budget, and knock out your holiday shopping in just a couple hours; all while saving money.

If you’re looking for a place to check off your holiday shopping in Philadelphia, Cash Express has plenty of cool gift items at great prices. Don’t hesitate to bring any items you want to pawn or sell, either - you might have something another Cash Express customer wants to buy from us!

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Saturday, December 07 2019
What Types of Gifts Can You Find at a Pawn Shop?

The holiday season is in full swing, meaning it’s time for one of the year’s most difficult undertakings: finding the perfect gift for everyone you love.

A lot of your loved ones can be tricky to shop for, but pawn shops like Cash Express have a wide range of interesting items that make great gifts for anybody on any budget. Take a look at some hot gift ideas you can find at your local pawn shop.


Jewelry will always be a gift favorite. It also happens to be one of Cash Express top types of items. Whether you’re looking for pretty earrings, a shiny necklace, or a fancy watch, almost every pawn shop has its own unique assortment of beautiful jewelry that you can actually afford.


Electronics are expensive yet fun items, making them consistently great gifts. Televisions, phones, tablets, video game consoles, and computers are all hugely popular, especially since tech seems to advance faster each year.

Don’t worry about quality - most electronics in pawn shop inventories are in great working condition, yet you can grab them for a much lower price than buying brand new.

Many pawn shops will even offer a warranty on more expensive items, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments always make for a great personalized gift for the musically-inclined in your family and friend circle. Whether your intended recipient can shred the guitar or is just beginning to explore their musical creativity, many pawn shops have several musical instruments for sale spanning a wide range of prices.


Tools and small appliances are another common site at pawn shops. Everything from power tools like drills, to manual tools like screwdrivers, to small kitchen appliances like blenders can be found in many a pawn shop’s inventory.


Pawnshops commonly hold various toys and games for all ages in your inventory. They could be baby/toddler toys, board games, or even video games (for those of you buying video game consoles this holiday season). 

The second-hand nature of pawnshop items brings you a distinct shopping advantage: discontinued/hard-to-find games and toys. Pawnshops are likely the only type of store to have these once their owners no longer want or need them.


Got a gun enthusiast in the family? Firearms aren’t an uncommon site in a pawn shop’s inventory. From antique firearms to modern favorites and everything in between, you can bet on your local pawn shop having a few firearms available for sale.

Looking for a Philadelphia pawnshop where you can knock out your holiday shopping? Come on down to Cash Express! We’ve got tons of great gift items available, including
Jewelry/watches (and lots of it)
Musical instruments
Power tools

And much more.

While you’re at it, feel free to bring us items you’d like to pawn or sell. We’ll get you the cash you deserve for those items; cash you can then use to grab some amazing holiday gifts from our inventory.

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Friday, November 15 2019
Selling Unwanted Gifts to Pawn Shops

Ideally, we’d love every gift we receive. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Sure, but we all know the awkward experience of excitedly tearing open a present from a distant relative, only to be disappointed by a “gift” we didn’t really want in the first place.

It’s important to show gratitude regardless of the gift, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold on to something you’ll never use! If you can find a way to sell it, you can get some or all of your money back; then you can buy yourself something you do want and treat that as your gift.

But you might be wondering where exactly you can offload an unwanted gift or two.

Look no further than your local pawn shop! Cash Express, one of the leading pawn shops in Philadelphia, is ready and willing to buy your unwanted gifts from you.

Bringing Your Unwanted Items to Cash Express

If you’ve got unwanted gifts sitting around your house, they aren’t doing you much good. You may as well trade them in for something more useful, or in other words, some cash. Bring them on into Cash Express! We’re happy to help our customers offload some unwanted items in exchange for quick cash.

Once you bring in your item, you can decide to either sell it or pawn it. We’ll give a thorough evaluation to determine the value of your item(s), then we’ll let you know how much you could make selling or pawning them to us.

We’re fast, too - we’ll have the dollar bills in your hand the same day you bring in your items, should you accept our price.

As a nice little bonus, you’re helping out other holiday shoppers in our community. They might be looking for the exact item you’re pawning to us, yet who knows if they would’ve ever found it had you not pawned your item?

Gift Yourself Something Else at Cash Express

After you’ve brought your item into us and gotten your fair price, you don’t need to look somewhere else to buy yourself your new holiday gift. Stick around Cash Express and look around our inventory. We’ve got all sorts of interesting items at great prices - jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, firearms, power tools, you name it.

In fact, you could do your holiday gift shopping for others while you’re here as well. Knock out two birds with one stone.

All in all, a pawn shop is one of the first places you should go if you have unwanted gifts. You can knock out some of your holiday shopping quickly and cheaply while clearing out clutter.

If you need a pawn shop in Philadelphia to sell your unwanted gifts to, Cash Express is located conveniently downtown. Stop in with your items, and take a look around at ours. Our associates will ensure an amazing shopping experience for you whether you need to shop or you just need to sell.

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Thursday, November 07 2019
Why Pawn Shop Items Make Great Gifts

The holiday season is here, which means holiday gift shopping is fast approaching. Almost time to hustle up and down the aisles in an attempt to grab all the hot holiday gift items before they sell out.

Unfortunately, this time of year can be tough on your finances as you try to get everyone the gifts they want without going broke.

But you don’t need to spend a fortune at the mall just to get your family and friends wonderful gifts this holiday season. Why not visit a pawn shop?

You might be surprised at such a suggestion, but contrary to what some believe, pawnshop items make great gifts.

Product Selection

Pawnshops have a wide selection of items, many of them being common gift items. For example, video game consoles and TVs are a common sight at pawn shops.

But there are tons of other hobbyist items as well. Have a handyman of a husband? Pawnshops commonly have regular and power tools in great condition. Maybe there’s a gun enthusiast in your life? Pawnshops often have firearms for sale as well.

And if you have to shop for someone who doesn’t know what they want, pawn shops are chock full of interesting hidden gems if you spend some time looking around.


Retailers have fixed prices on their items; there’s almost never room for negotiation. 

Not true at pawn shops. You can save a few bucks if you come in ready to negotiate for an item. Know your stuff beforehand, though, or you won’t get too far in your haggling. 

Pawning/Selling Your Items

Whether you plan on stopping at a pawn shop during your holiday shopping or not, pawn shops can help you fund your shopping. Bring in a few valuable items you own for either selling or pawning purposes. Jewelry, electronics, clothing, tools, whatever’s sitting at home that you don’t use much.

Then you can put your selling/pawning proceeds right back into your holiday shopping budget. While you’re at it, you may as well stick around the pawnshop you visit and see if any items for sale have gift potential. Saves time and money.

By the way, you’re doing others a service by selling or pawning your items to a pawn shop. Someone else might be holiday shopping for the very item you’re selling or pawning, yet they might never have found it if you never brought it to your local pawn shop.

As the holiday season ramps up, you might be looking for a pawn shop in Philadelphia to find interesting gifts at an affordable price. Cash Express has tons of cool items priced fairly. Still, need more room in your holiday budget? Bring in your items! We’ll have your cash AND your items in hand before the day ends.

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