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Monday, May 24 2021
6 Reasons To Get Your Fine Jewelry From a Pawn Shop

Your local jewelry store isn’t your only option for finding and buying high-quality fine jewelry. In fact, your local pawn shop might work better for you.

So if you’re in the market for a fine piece or two, here are 6 reasons to get it from a pawn shop.

1. Great Prices

We all know fine jewelry carries a hefty price. But pawn shops can offer much lower prices than jewelry stores because the pieces are used — yet used doesn’t mean “bad condition”. Many pawn shops have pieces that are almost as good as new, yet cost a fraction of “new”.

2. Price Flexibility

Is a piece still out of your budget, but you want it? No worries — some pawn shops may be open to a bit of haggling.

That said, not all are. In this case, you can still bring in your own items to sell or for a pawn loan, then use your proceeds to purchase the piece you want.

Alternatively, some pawn shops even offer layaway. It never hurts to ask a pawn shop to see if they’re willing to work with you on a payment plan so you can afford that lovely piece.

3. Selection

Pawn shops specializing in jewelry have a wider selection than you might think.

That’s because they get pieces from all over — everything from major jewelers to small, independent operations may have pieces show up in your local pawn store. You effectively get to “visit” several jewelers at once while scoring a great deal on any piece you buy.

4. Confidence and Quality

Reputable pawn shops thoroughly test every piece that comes through their store for authenticity before putting it on their shelves for sale.

Plus, pawn shops repair and renovate pieces to make sure your choice of jewelry is in great shape. Whether it’s clearing up surface scratches or changing the clasps, you can rest assured that your piece is genuine and in fantastic shape.

5. Knowledgeable Pawn Shop Staff

Jewelry is quite a deep and broad field. Trying to learn the nitty-gritty of jewelry and precious stones can be pretty overwhelming.

Luckily, pawn shop staff — especially those at stores specializing in jewelry — are knowledgeable on all things jewelry. Whether you have questions about what a “karat” is or you need help finding a good engagement ring, pawn staff are often able to help you out.

6. For The Environment

As much as we love jewelry, creating new pieces can be bad for the environment. By buying used at a pawn shop, you’re reducing your environmental footprint by cutting the demand for new jewelry and precious stones.

So now you save money and help the environment. Not a bad deal.

Looking for jewelry in the Philadelphia area? Don’t break the bank. Instead, come down to Cash Express pawn shop. We love jewelry and precious stones, so we’ve got plenty of those at great prices. And if you have some fine jewelry that you’d like to pawn or sell, we'd love to take a look and get you a fair deal. Stop into our store today!

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Friday, May 21 2021
How Does a Pawn Shop Determine the Loan Value For My Item?

If you’re ever in need of some quick cash, pawning items can come in handy. Pawning your item at a pawn store lets you take out a short-term pawn loan. These loans have no credit requirements, and the worst that can happen is you lose your collateral for failing to pay.

Pawn loans provide borrowers with a couple of obvious benefits, but how exactly does the pawn shop figure out how much to loan you? In this article, we’ll go over the criteria pawn stores look at to provide you with a loan amount.


First and foremost, a pawn shop needs to appraise the item to find out exactly how much value the type of item works. The actual appraisal process can vary depending on the type of item. For example, a firearm will be examined and appraised differently than diamond earrings.

Some pawn shops are able to bring in expert appraisers for specific types of items, kind of like on Pawn Stars. However, many aren’t able to do that. They may have someone in-house who’s knowledgeable about the item, but the pawnbroker themselves might appraise the item based on prior knowledge and online research.


Next up is the item’s condition. The better the condition, the higher the potential loan amount. Brand new items are the best, of course, but used items in good condition can still fetch a solid loan amount. Even items in so-so condition can get you something.

That said, pawn shops test some items to make sure they work correctly (if applicable). If the item doesn’t work, you won’t have much luck getting a loan.

For example, a pawn store specializing in musical instruments may play the guitar or amp you’re pawning a bit to make sure things are working right.


Demand is a significant factor, too. Pawn shops will pay more for items they think they can turn around and sell fast for a good profit margin.

This is why items like diamonds and jewelry (and diamond jewelry) are so popular with nearly all types of pawn shops, even some that don’t specialize in them. Pawn shops can offer much lower prices than jewelry stores for precious stones and jewelry in great condition, attracting plenty of buyers. Yet, at the same time, these pawn shops can earn a healthy margin.

This also goes for different types of the same item. A well-known luxury watch brand like Rolex will be in higher demand than something like a Fossil watch (in most instances).

So now you know a few things that go into pawn store lending decisions. If you’ve got an item you’d like to pawn, bring it on to Cash Express in Philadelphia — especially if it's jewelry or a precious stone. We’ll get you a fair price on your item and have you out the door with money as soon as today. Stop by our pawn shop today!

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