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Saturday, September 30 2017
Why Choose Cash Express for Your Unwanted Gold or Jewelry?

Are you looking for a place to sell gold or unwanted jewelry?  If this is the first time that you have ever thought about pawning your unwanted items, it can be confusing knowing where to begin.  Should you try a jewelry shop?  Should you post an ad and try to sell it yourself?  While both of these are credible options, they might not yield you the quick results you’re looking for.  For most sellers, finding a reputable pawn shop is almost always the best option.

Most jewelry stores already have a large inventory.  They are therefore more selective about the pieces of jewelry that they’ll accept.  In fact, many jewelry stores will flat-out refuse to buy old jewelry that isn’t in line with the current trends.  If your jewelry is in need of any kind of repair or restoration, a jewelry store will be less likely to accept it, as well.  In these cases, it makes sense to check out a local pawn shop like Cash Express, instead.  We are always looking to take in new pieces of jewelry to add to our unique collection.

Cash Express of Philadelphia will gladly take unwanted gold or jewelry off your hands.  Unlike a high-end jewelry store, our pawn shop caters to a wide range of collectors and our cases are always lined with beautiful pieces for a diverse selection.  You never know what kind of treasure you might have on your hands, either, so it’s worth stopping in to find out if Cash Express is interested in taking it off your hands.

Pawn shops are designed to help you get fast cash.  Unlike a jewelry store that often puts sellers though a lengthy appraisal process before buying, a pawn shop liker Cash Express will value your time and make the exchange as short as possible.  At Cash Express, we take pride in offering a hassle-free experience for each one of our guests.  When you sell gold or jewelry at Cash Express, you are quoted a price up-front so there’s no confusion about how much cash you’re going to receive.

Cash Express is proud to offer the best pawn shop process in the entire city.  Whether you’re looking to exchange that unwanted jewelry or you just want some quick cash for your gold, you’ll always be treated with honesty and respect inside our store.

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Wednesday, September 20 2017
Why Choose a Pawn Shop in Philadelphia?

Have you ever considered stepping inside a pawn shop but were afraid to ask what was inside?  Maybe you’ve walked by a few pawn shops but weren’t sure if they carried any merchandise that you’d be interested in buying.  At Cash Express of Philadelphia, we make sure that each item in our shop is unique.  Pawn shops are great choices for buying small items for low prices.  Pawn shops are also great options for collateral loans, and at Cash Express we can tell you more if you give us a call or visit us at our Philadelphia location.

Pawn shops are great choices for loans.  If you only need to secure a small amount of cash and you know that you can pay it back quickly, a pawn shop might be perfect for you.  In cases like this, bank loans don’t make sense.  Banks will expect you take out a larger amount of money and many will charge interest, as well.  If you happen to be unemployed, then a loan from your employer isn’t a viable option, either.

At Cash Express, we guarantee that every customer will be satisfied with the level of customer service that we provide.  At a pawn shop, you don’t need to worry about your credit score or your outstanding loans at other financial institutions.  Our goal is to help you out as quickly as possible so that you get the cash you need.  Our staff members are committed to bringing the highest level of customer care to our shop. When you step inside, you’ll find that each person on our team is prepared to answer questions and offer assistance whenever it’s needed.

Pawn shops used to have reputations for being tucked away, dingy little stores with shady characters luring inside.  While many of the imagery was fabricated, even those pawn shops that might have existed years ago are a far cry from the ones that stand today.  At Cash Express, our associates are helpful and friendly.  The store is in a safe Philadelphia location and our merchandise is always updated.  Our cash loans are provided quickly and with little paperwork involved.  If you’ve never been inside a pawn shop, then come check out Cash Express of Philadelphia.  You won’t be disappointed.

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