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Tuesday, December 22 2020
Should You Buy Valentine's Gifts Now or in February?

Valentine’s Day is about two months from the time of writing. Seems far away… but two months ago, we were saying the same thing about the holidays. 

So now’s the time to start at least thinking about what you’ll be getting for your partner. 

But when should you buy it? Should you go get your gift now, a few months in advance; or should you wait until February rolls around to find something for your partner?

Keep reading to learn when you should buy your Valentine’s Day gifts.

Buying Now

Buying now is usually your best option, especially if you’re getting a custom gift for your partner. You want ample time to look around for and get that custom gift.

In fact, the holiday might be a good time to shop whether or not you’re getting your partner a custom gift. You’ll be out and about shopping for the holidays, so you may as well find something your partner will appreciate while you’re at it.

Buying in February

Perhaps your partner isn’t a fan of big, showy Valentine’s gifts. In that case, you could wait until February to go shopping for your gift.

Chocolates often work here. You don’t want to hold onto chocolates for a long time, after all, since it is food.

Same with flowers — if they’re real. Real flowers die, of course, so get them close to Valentine’s Day.

Order it as soon as possible (preferably today) to make sure it comes in on time.

Whether you’re buying your gift now or in February, there’s no need to go to a traditional store. Believe it or not, pawn shops often have some excellent Valentine’s Day gifts available.

Think about it: jewelry, diamond, precious metals, and more are all common sights at pawn shops. 

Or maybe you show your love by getting your partner an item that they can use in their hobbies. You’ll find things like musical instruments at pawn shops as well.

With all that in mind, come down to Cash Express if you’re shopping for a Valentine’s gift in Philadelphia. We’ve got plenty of jewelry at great prices. And if your partner isn’t a fan of jewelry, well, there’s plenty of other cool stuff in our inventory as well. Come visit us today!

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