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Sunday, May 14 2023
Do Pawn Shops Buy Gold?

The price of gold goes up and down, sometimes dramatically. When the price is high, you may start thinking about collecting the gold you have and taking it to a pawn shop. But do pawn shops buy gold?


The answer is a resounding YES. Jewelry and precious golds are two things for which pawn shops are always on the lookout. And when we speak about gold, we’re not just taking raw pieces. Rather, anything that contains gold may prove quite valuable. At Cash Express, we’ll even evaluate scraps.

Looking for Pawn Shops

Once you gather your gold, what’s next? There’s no question you can get fast cash at a Pawn Shop but do your research. It’s time to see what pawnbrokers are in your area. Right now, before you go any further, check out customer reviews and Better Business Ratings.

Taking a Look-See

Pop into a few of the shops you’re considering using. There are some benefits to taking this time. For one, you can observe the level of customer service received. You can also look at items similar to yours in the showcase. What are the prices? You won’t get retail for your goods, but you at least know where to start.


Pawn shops have a bad rap as dark corner spots where slippery individuals hang out. The modern pawnbroker, like Cash Express, offers a bright, clean storefront with friendly staff properly trained in their job. The broker should have appraisers on sight so you can find out what your treasure is worth right away. If you don’t like the offer, you can simply turn it down. There is no pressure for you to accept an amount with which you feel uncomfortable.


Ultimately, you want to have a sense you can trust the pawn shop and its personnel to treat you fairly.

What about Gold Buyers?

The main difference between a gold buyer and a pawn shop is the gold buyer must stick to certain sales standards. A pawnbroker has wiggle room in what they pay you. Additionally, gold buyers are picky about what they buy, normally staying away from broken scraps altogether.

Gold buyers tend to do a lot more advertising to buy your gold. They might do television ads, bus ads; you name it. They do all of this advertising, but they generally are a little pickier about what gold they buy. They tend to stay away from any old and broken scraps of gold.

Real Gold vs. Gold Plated

Pawnshops tend to veer away from gold-plated items. On average, a gold-plated item contains only .05% actual gold. It would take a lot of plated and effort to achieve any sort of profit from these pieces. So don’t be offended if we test your gold. Some gold is fake, too!

Cash Express: We Buy Gold

Our mission is to offer our Philadelphia, PA, customers the best deal possible. You will receive professional attention and information that will help you understand what we base our offers. You can fill out our online form beforehand to see if your items are those we currently are buying (saves a trip).

Alternatively, you can call us at 215-922-1560 or Email:

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