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Wednesday, June 14 2023
What Decides Pawn Shop Prices

When you watch a pawn shop show or go to sell something in person, you may wonder how companies like Cash Express in Philadelphia, PA, figure out their pricing. Understanding the process will help you when you are trying to buy or exchange an item for fast cash.

The Appraisal

Many pawn shops have specialized people to appraise specific items as they come in. Examples would be jewelry and antiques. The price of an appraisal depends on many things.

  • How sellable is your item based on previous shop sales

  • The current stock of similar items

  • Reviewing market value

  • Quality and condition

Bundle all these together, and voila, a price!

The “Blue Book” for Pawn Pricing

For quite some time, pawnbrokers had to use a printed book to check baseline values. Thankfully, now they can use internet databases for comparative pricing.  Since the market for various goods changes all the time, having a current summary helps both the pawnbroker and you!

Some storefronts have chosen to create their own reference, kept in the shop’s computer. This is basically “personalize” for the establishment and acts as a helpmate for staff. Within their database, the broker can include a list of what to do before trying to judge the condition of an item. For example, collectors’ pieces have a greater value if they have provenance proving their authenticity. 

Perusing Provenance:

When buying or selling, being able to prove its history can change everything value-wise. The best provenance is having original documents of ownership or a certificate of authenticity. Receipts, exhibition labels, and auction documents are all similarly helpful. 

Expert Consultation 

When a pawnbroker or their staff doesn’t have experience in an item or its worth, they reach out to specialist consultants. Most pawn shops have a list of people they regularly use for various goods like guns and autographs. That individual will give the broker an amount, and you would obviously receive less than that so the shop can make a profit. 

Desirous Items

If you have more than one pawnbroker in the area, like Cash Express, each has its own feel, a personality, if you will. Pawn brokers pick and chose what they want in their store. Some might be experts in antiques (Antiques by Ark’s) but rarely carry modern tools, for example. If you’re not certain about what you should bring to get fast cash, give them a call and ask. It will save you time and frustration.

When a pawnbroker has a list of sought-after goods, and what you own is on that list, you’ll likely get a better deal. In general, brokers are always looking for:

  • Curios and heirlooms

  • Electronics

  • Game consoles

  • Home appliances

  • Musical instruments

  • Sports gear

  • Tools

  • Watches

On the other hand, you may be out of luck if you are trying to pawn a television, camera, computer, or smartphone. The technology in such times rapidly improves, decreasing how the pawn shop can price them.

Cash Express Prices

Besides having trained, friendly staff, Cash Express prices quick cash loans reasonably. We are the number one pawn shop in Philadelphia for a reason-people trust us. And we offer a wide variety of goods if you are looking to buy.

Use our online contact form to open a conversation. Our phone number is 215-922-1560. And if you prefer, email the address is

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