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Sunday, November 26 2023
Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone at a Pawn Shop.


At Cash Express, one of the things we constantly purchase is Smartphones of all makes and models in good working condition. If you’re in the market for a more affordable device, we have nine tips to help you shop smart.

  1. Research: The phrase “know before you buy” comes to mind. Before visiting a pawn shop, research the model and specifications of the smartphone you intend to buy. This will help you identify any common issues or red flags associated with that particular model. While you’re at it, do some comparison pricing on both new and used models. 

  2. Inspect the Phone “Head to Toe”: Physically examine the smartphone for any visible damages or signs of wear and tear. Check the screen for scratches, test the buttons and ports, and inspect the overall condition of the device. It's also important to ask whether the phone is unlocked or locked to a specific carrier.

  3. Check the IMEI Number: Request the device's IMEI number (usually found in the phone's settings or by dialing *#06#) and verify it through a reliable online database. This will help you determine if the phone has been reported lost or stolen, which could present future issues. While it’s likely the pawnshop personnel did this before even buying the phone, not all places are trustworthy. 

  4. Does it Work?: Ask the pawn shop if you can test the smartphone's functionality before purchasing it. Check the camera, make a test call, connect to Wi-Fi, test the touchscreen responsiveness, and open various apps to ensure they work smoothly. If you notice anything awry, ask our experienced service people at Cash Express for help. We want you to walk away wholly content with your purchase. 

  5. Inquire About Warranty and Return Policy: Ask about any warranty or return policy offered by the pawnshop for used electronics. You may need it if you encounter any issues with the phone after the purchase. If it’s sold “as is,” take extra time to check the system out. 

  6. Negotiate: Don't be afraid to negotiate the price. Pawn shops are often willing to consider reasonable offers, so try to get the best deal possible based on the condition, age, and market value of the smartphone.

  7. Consider Additional Costs: Remember to factor in any additional costs when buying a used smartphone, such as accessories (charger, protective case), repairs (if needed), and potential unlocks or carrier switches. See what bells and whistles come with the phone presently that will ultimately save you money. 

  8. Obtain a Purchase Receipt: Request a purchase receipt or any documentation that verifies the transaction. This will serve as proof of purchase and can be useful for warranty purposes or if any issues arise later on.

  9. Reset the Device: After purchasing the used smartphone, reset it to factory settings to erase any existing data from the previous owner and start fresh.

Our inventory at Cash Express changes daily. Our gallery gives yo a peek at new items. However, to see our whole stock, make a visit to our Philadelphia, PA, store. Take your time and shop around. 

You can call beforehand (215) 922-1560, email:, or use our online contact form for more information. 

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