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Wednesday, December 21 2016

Have you come across some old jewelry in your house?  Maybe your great aunt left you some gold earrings years ago, but they just aren’t quite your style.  If you’re looking to get some gold off your hands, then Philadelphia’s own Cash Express is your one-stop pawn shop to make it happen.  We handle a wide range of gold inside our shop and we can help you lighten your load whole turning your trades in cold, hard cash.  What better way to ring in the new year than with a successful pawn experience?

At Cash Express we can help you get some of that unused gold off your hands and turn it into valuable cash.  Most people will tell you that only a certified jeweler can tell you the actual value of different items.  While this may be true, there are still some time-tested ways for you to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth when you leave our pawn shop.  Gold is truly the best option for pawning, and at Cash Express you can rest assured that you’ll be paid out the going rate for your wares.  Most pawn ships pay a percentage of what’s known as “Scrap price: for gold.  It’s always a good idea to research your items before bringing them to the shop; however, because some items are worth more than others and you want to be sure that you receive a fair rate for your piece.

Since gold is based on karats, as well as weight, you’ll find that we measure in what are known as Troy ounces.  A Troy pounce is equivalent to 31 grams, so if you place your item on the scale and it reads in grams then divide by 31, you’ll be able to see exactly how much your item is worth in Troy ounces.  At Cash Express, each of our team members is experienced at buying and selling gold, so we can help you make sure that you leave with the amount of cash that you’re expecting. 

You’ll also want to look up the value of the particular type of gold that you bring in.  This is easy to accomplish with Google.  An example might be a 24-karat gold ring that is currently priced at $400 an ounce.  If your ring weighs a half-ounce, then it would essentially be worth almost $200.  Each pawn shop is different in terms of what percentage you’ll receive from the total, so give us a call to find out the specifics.

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