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Wednesday, December 14 2016

It’s no secret that pawn shops have a bad reputation.  In all the movies that we’ve seen growing up, pawn shops have always looked like dark, dingy places that attract only seedy looking patrons.  Nowadays, however, pawn shops are much different, and you can rest assured that none of the dark, dirty storefronts that you’ve seen are the norm when it comes to most pawn shops of the current era.

Current pawn shops are now places that are both fun and safe to visit.  There are even television shows that people watch now to give you a better idea about how to go about your pawn ship visit.  At Cash express of Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a safe and satisfying pawn shop excursion.  We offer all kinds of incredibly priced items and each of our store associates is more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect item for your particular needs. 

Pawn shops are great places to find bargains and are also great places to get short-term loans that aren’t traditionally available from banks or other lenders. Modern day pawn shops, including Cash Express, are clean, well-lit businesses that love to provide customers with satisfying shopping experiences.  Some of the common misconceptions have finally been debunked, and include the following:

Myth One:  Pawn shops have only high interest rates.  This is one of the common myths.  Pawn shop interest rates are decided by city, municipality, or state that the pawn shop is located in. Pawn shops in the Philadelphia area are set at a specific percentage monthly while those in other areas have pawn rates are different amounts.  As a consumer, it’s up to you to do some research beforehand.  At Cash Express, we can always help you do the math and find out why the rates we have are competitive with other, more expensive options.

Myth Two:  Pawn shops require monthly payments.  This is simply not true.  Again, these agreements vary depending on location, but at Cash Express, we do what we can to make sure that you understand all of our rules and we work hard to ensure that you understand the fine print.  Nobody wants to see you leave our store dissatisfied, and we’ll do whatever we need to do to make sure that you feel confident as a customer inside our shop.

Myth Three:  Pawn Shops buy stolen merchandise.  This is simply untrue.  Pawn shops, including Cash Express, are required to report all of their transactions to the local law enforcement office.  This allows police the time to investigate if they feel the need to do so.  In general, pawn shops are asked to prove government provide identification and they must also take photographs of the items, as well as photographs of the person who supplied them. 

Myth Four:  Pawn shops cheat people.  Pawn shops do whatever they can to make sure that people who bring in items do not leave feeling cheated.  Cash Express, for example, does whatever it can to make sure that our clients get the money that they deserve for whatever items they bring in.  Keep in mind that the value of certain items increases, while the value of other items decreases.  A good pawn shop will always be happy to explain the reasoning behind its pricing.   

Myth Five: Pawn shops are dirty and unsafe.  At Cash Express, you can see why this myth can no longer be perpetuated.  We offer a safe, clean, well-lit shopping experience in a well-known section of Philadelphia.  All of our professional sales people work hard to make sure that you feel comfortable shopping here.  

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