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Wednesday, May 11 2022
Warranty vs Protection Plan: What's the Difference?

If you’re considering purchasing a high-ticket item, such as a television, smartphone, or computer, you’ve likely encountered a question. Do you purchase a protection plan or do you stick with the manufacturer’s warranty? Determining the right answer depends on a few factors, so let’s look at the difference between a warranty and a protection plan.


What is a Warranty?

A warranty is an agreement by the manufacturer of an item and is included in the purchase price. While exact coverage and terms vary, generally a warranty is a statement that the manufacturer will cover the repair or replacement of a defective item or part within a specified timeframe. Warranties can be as short as 90-days from initial purchase to as long as the lifetime of the product.


What is a Protection Plan?

A protection plan is a separate agreement between a customer and a retailer that provides additional protection for a product outside of the warranty. Some protection plans simply extend the time a product is guaranteed against defects while others are essentially service contracts that cover defects as well as accidental damage. Terms of a protection plan can vary; some examples include 1-year protection plans, 3-year protection plans, and 5-year protection plans.

Is a Product I Purchase at Cash Express Covered Under Warranty?

That depends on the product and the manufacturer. Some product warranties are short-term, 90-days to a few years, and products may be outside of the warranty period when their original owners turn them over to us. Some products may have a lifetime warranty. Sometimes those lifetime warranties transfer ownership, other times they do not. It depends on the specific terms of that manufacturer’s warranty.


Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine if a product is still eligible and covered under a warranty.


When Should I Purchase a Protection Plan?

Protection plans are a smart investment for items you intend to use for an extended period and whose cost of repair or replacement might be out of budget. Even if a product is still under a transferrable warranty, warranties typically only cover defects in an item, not wear or accidental damage. A protection plan helps ensure you can repair or replace your valuable item if something unexpected happens.


Whether you’re looking to purchase tools, a television, a smartphone, a computer, or any valuable item, you want to ensure that your purchase is a protected investment. Visit our store or contact us today with your questions about our products and the protection plans available.

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