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Thursday, October 26 2023
How to Spot Fake vs. Authentic Jewelry: Expert Tips for Pawn Shop Shoppers


Pawn shops are one of the best places to find authentic jewelry without breaking the bank; however, you need to ensure that you can tell the difference between fake and real jewelry so that you pay the right price for the right piece. 

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks of the trade that you can use when shopping to assess whether or not the jewelry you found is real or fake! 

1. Research Average Pricing

The price tag on a piece of jewelry can tell you a lot about the quality. Of course, cheaper pieces are usually fake or plated, whereas more expensive pieces will often be the real deal. 

Sadly, if a price seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is, and you’re looking at a fake piece of jewelry as opposed to a real one. 

Also, if you are searching for a specific piece, such as a gold chain or a diamond ring, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research ahead of time and find out how much a quality piece costs. That will help you determine which jewelry you see at the pawn shop is real and which is fake. 

2. Look for Hallmarks

A “hallmark” is an official stamp that marks a real gold or platinum piece of jewelry. Not all pieces have them, but they are fairly common, and if you do find one, you’ve likely found an authentic piece of gold jewelry. 

The hallmark is usually visible on the inner band of the ring or on the clasp of a bracelet or necklace; it will show a number from 1 to 999 or from 0k to 24k. 

3. Feel the Weight 

Real gold and silver jewelry is much heavier than fake pieces. In fact, an expert hand can even tell which pieces are simply gold-plated and which are pure gold throughout. 

To get used to the weight of the jewelry, try holding onto a piece you know is made completely of precious metals such as gold or silver and then holding one that is simply plated. You’ll be able to tell the difference in no time!

4. Assess the Coloring

It’s important to understand that real gold never tarnishes, even over long periods of time. It may be dirty or less brilliant, but real gold will never actually be discolored, and it would certainly never turn your skin green. 

A great way to assess jewelry in a shop is to bring a soft polishing cloth with you when you go; if you can gently rub off any dust or dirt, it is far more likely to be real. 

Here at Cash Express, our knowledgeable staff knows the difference between fake and authentic jewelry, so you don’t have to be an expert! We will show you which pieces in our collection are fake and, therefore, much cheaper and which are real, authentic gold, platinum, gemstone, or silver pieces that you’re going to love!

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Monday, October 16 2023
How to Care for Your Vintage Jewelry


Whether you plan to hold on to your vintage jewelry until you leave it behind in your will to your loved ones or you’re thinking about someday selling it, it’s absolutely essential that you take care of your antique jewelry to keep it looking beautiful. 

Luckily, there are just 5 easy steps to follow to take fantastic care of your beloved vintage jewelry. 

1. Remove Any Dust With a Soft Brush

The first step is to use a soft brush to remove any dust particles. If you don’t have a soft brush on hand, you may want to invest in one, as jewelry-cleaning brushes must be exceptionally smooth. 

Even with the perfect brush, it’s still vital to remove the dust extremely gently so as not to scratch the jewelry. 

2. Choose the Right Cleaning Product

Next, you need to select the right cleaning product, and not all jewelry cleaners are made the same. The chemical composition of different metals means they need different types of solutions, so make sure you do your research first. 

Gold Jewelry

When it comes to antique gold jewelry, you need a cleaning solution that contains plenty of water and ammonia. However, while ammonia is necessary, it can also be dangerous. Therefore, it’s important not to leave the cleaning solution on too long. 

Because ammonia is so strong, we don’t recommend making your own solution, but instead, you should purchase an ammonia cleaning product specifically made for gold or platinum. 

Silver Jewelry

All silver vintage jewelry can and should be cleaned with a diluted baking soda solution. In this case, you can make your own at home; just make sure you follow instructions to ensure you use the proper measurements. 

Once you have the solution ready, be sure to apply it gently, as silver is not nearly as strong as gold or platinum. 

Jewelry with Gemstones

Cleaning antique jewelry with gemstones is slightly more complicated than working with gold or silver jewelry. 

For example, some gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, are extremely strong and can handle an ammonia solution, whereas others cannot. 

Therefore, it’s important to research how to clean the specific gem you’re working with to keep it brilliant and safe. 

Vintage Pearls

If you have a set of vintage pearls, the best way to clean them is actually to wear them. Your skin's natural oils will ensure the pearls stay vibrant and beautiful. 

You can also use a soft cloth and a few drops of olive oil, but make sure to only rub them gently and infrequently. 

3. Use a Soft Cloth to Clean

Once you have the perfect cleaning solution ready for your vintage jewelry, it’s time to actually use it with a soft cloth. 

Apply a small amount of the solution directly to the cloth and rub the jewelry delicately until it shines clean. The cloth can be damp but certainly not wet. And if there are a few hard-to-reach places, you can use a Q-tip with a bit of water and a cleaning solution as well. 

4. Dry & Polish 

After your jewelry is sparkling clean, it’s time to use another soft cloth to dry the piece thoroughly. Any residual liquid could cause serious and lasting damage, as moisture is one of the worst things for antique jewelry. 

You can also take a little extra time to polish your jewelry with a special polishing cloth to make it shine even more. 

5. Store in a Dry Location & Repeat

Finally, it’s essentially that you store your vintage jewelry in a cool, dry location without moisture. You should also continue to clean your antique jewelry every few months to ensure it remains in the perfect condition for whatever it is you want to do with it. 

Now you have all the information you need to protect your new vintage jewelry from Cash Express Pawn Shop or to make sure the jewelry you have is clean and beautiful to be enjoyed or sold! 

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Wednesday, September 27 2023
Spotting Valuables: How to Identify Items of Significant Worth in Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are a great place to find hidden treasures. But you can’t always be sure how much the items are worth- unless you do your research.

This article will tell you how to identify items of significant worth in pawn shops to ensure a rewarding shopping experience.

Look for Designer Names

A designer name is a telltale sign of an expensive item. Some designers are worth more than others. Research in advance so you are familiar with who is who.

Some designers have their names blatantly displayed on items. Other designers are more discreet. They may carve their names onto the bottom of their goods. Inspect carefully to get an idea of their value.

Ask for a Certificate of Authenticity

Designer names will give you an idea of how much an item is worth. But beware. Many manufacturers make knockoffs and try to pass them off as the real thing.

A certificate of authenticity will help you determine if an item is genuine. Original receipts have a similar purpose.

Know What Valuable Jewelry Looks Like

There are several ways you can tell if jewelry is valuable. Precious metals should be inscribed with hallmarks as follows: 

·  Gold will have a hallmark that represents its karat weight, such as 14K, 24K, etc.

·  Silver has a sterling or 925 hallmark

·  Platinum will be inscribed with the word platinum or ‘plat’

Precious gems also have specific characteristics that vary according to the stone. Stones set in precious metals are typically genuine.

Do Some Research to Learn About Valuable Timepieces and Antiques

The internet is an excellent resource for determining valuable goods—research to learn about discontinued models. Rarity often increases the value of an item.

You should also learn about iconic design and historically significant pieces. Look for unique characteristics that tell you what era the item is from. Older goods are generally more valuable.

Learn about different artists and manufacturers to determine which pieces are valuable. If you are interested in coins, look for mint marks, engravings, and historical context that can add to a coin’s worth.

Check the Condition

The condition of an item will affect its value. Inspect items closely to check for signs of damage. Old, rare items may be somewhat damaged. But if a piece is highly damaged, it may not be worth purchasing.

Electronics are Different

Pawn shop shoppers will generally look for older items that have gained value over the years. But electronics are an exception.

Newer electronic items tend to be more valuable. Ensure you are purchasing the latest electronics. Test them so you know they work.

Some electronic items have aged and gained vintage appeal. But, for the most part, it’s best to shop for newer electronics.

Philly Pawn Shop is a Great Destination for Valuable Items

Philly Pawn Shop specializes in high-end antiques, jewelry, and watches. We have a wide selection of valuable items at affordable prices. We provide friendly service. We are also a top destination for loans.

Contact us online or visit our shop to learn more about our terrific deals.

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Thursday, September 14 2023
From Pawn to Purchase: How to Buy Pawned Items with Confidence


Pawn shops are great places to find bargains. Many people have walked out of pawn shops with items they always dreamed of owning purchased at a fraction of the cost. Others bought goods that worked in the shop but stopped functioning days later.

When you buy at a pawn shop, you take a risk. But there are ways to get around those risks. This article will explain how to buy pawned items with confidence.

Look at Reviews

Most modern businesses have online reviews that indicate what type of service they offer. Pawn shops are no exception. If a pawn shop has mostly good reviews, they likely sell reputable items. If the pawn shop has negative reviews- stay away.

Ask for Documentation

Some pawn shop items collect documentation from sellers that reveal the item’s condition. For example, they may provide you with receipts or warranties that are still current. They may also offer certificates of authenticity for designer items so you can tell you’re not buying a knockoff.

If the pawn shop doesn’t have paperwork readily available, ask for it.

Try Out the Items

If you purchase an item with a specific function, try it out in advance. Plug-in electronic items to see if they work. Demo tools and musical instruments to make sure they do their job. 

Look at the Item Carefully 

Take your time looking at the item you are purchasing. Make sure it is not stained or damaged. The last thing you want to do is take it home and find out it’s not in good shape as advertised.

Ask for a Discount

Some pawn shops are known for overcharging their customers. But many are prepared to haggle. Try to get a lower price for the items you purchase. This strategy will ensure that you don’t overpay for pawnshop goods.

Ask About Return Policies 

Don’t assume that items you purchase at pawn shops are not returnable. Many pawn shops have return policies. But it’s essential to find out what the policy entails.

For example, some pawn shops only accept returns for recently purchased items. Others won’t refund items unless you have a receipt or the original packaging. Find out about the shop’s policy to ensure you get your money back if necessary.

Only Work with Licensed Pawn Shops

A pawn shop’s license means it must comply with federal and state laws. A licensed pawn shop will be less likely to rip you off. Most pawn shops will have their licenses hanging in their locations. They may also have their license numbers on their website. If you don’t see proof of a license, ask the shop for documentation.

Philly Pawn Shop Express Carries Items You Can Trust

Philly’s Pawn Shop Express is a business you can count on. We have a long history of serving our community. We are your go-to shop for high-end goods like jewelry, watches, and antiques. We offer service with a smile.

Come into our shop or visit us online to learn about our great deals.

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Monday, August 28 2023
Pawn Shop Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

In the heart of Philadelphia, you walk past a store that's been the epicenter of countless whispers, old wives' tales, and misconceptions. A golden opportunity or a den of thieves? A place of financial relief or the last resort? 

The façade reads "Cash Express," your local, friendly pawn shop. Curiosity teases you, but hesitation restrains you. It's time to dispel the fog of myths and unveil the truth about pawn shops.

Myth 1: Pawn Shops Are Sketchy and Unsafe

Picture a pawn shop. Did your mind conjure up a dimly lit, grimy outpost teetering on the edge of the law? If so, you're not alone. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Modern-day pawn shops like Cash Express have evolved to be well-lit, welcoming establishments that adhere to local and state laws.

They're run by professionals who prioritize customer service and safety. In fact, pawn shops are among the most regulated businesses, overseen by not only state and local laws but also federal statutes. This ensures they maintain a high standard of operation that secures the interest of customers.

Myth 2: Pawn Shops Are Havens for Stolen Goods

Hollywood crime dramas might have you believe that pawn shops are the go-to places for offloading stolen items. However, the reality is starkly different. The pawn industry operates within a strict legal framework.

Cash Express, like all reputable pawn shops, requires government-issued identification for all transactions. Every item pawned or sold is meticulously documented, with its description, serial number, and the seller's information reported to local law enforcement. 

This level of scrutiny discourages criminals from trying to pawn stolen goods and ensures pawn shops are upstanding members of the community.

Myth 3: Pawn Shops Are Anxious to Seize Your Items

One of the most enduring myths is that pawn shops are eager to possess your items. On the contrary, pawn shops make their living primarily from extending loans and collecting interest, not from selling forfeited items.

When customers pay back their loans with interest, the pawnbroker makes a profit, and the customer gets their item back—everyone wins. The aim is to help customers retrieve their items. This encourages repeat business, which is more valuable in the long run than selling off forfeited items.

Myth 4: Pawn Shops Undervalue Your Items

Another common misconception is that pawnbrokers will intentionally lowball your items' value. In reality, pawn shops, like Cash Express, rely on expert appraisers who evaluate items based on their current market value, condition, and resale potential.

Sure, a pawn shop has to offer a price that allows them to turn a profit, but they also have to ensure customers feel they're getting a fair deal. It's a balance that reputable pawn shops maintain to keep their doors open and customers satisfied.


Like any industry, pawn shops have their share of myths and misconceptions. By debunking these common myths, we hope to shed some light on the reality of pawnbroking, highlighting the invaluable service these establishments provide to many people.

So, why not experience it for yourself? Whether you need a quick loan or are looking for a unique item, feel free to walk through the doors of Cash Express at 731 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Experience first-hand the truth behind the pawnbroking industry. 

And if you have any doubts or questions, just get in touch with us prior to coming in!


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Monday, August 14 2023
What You Need to Know Before Visiting a Pawn Shop: A Beginner's Guide


In the shimmering twilight of Philadelphia, you discover an heirloom gathering dust in your attic. You feel it could be your ticket to some much-needed cash. 

However, the world of pawn shops can seem daunting to a beginner, a labyrinthine market filled with antiques, precious metals, and diamond-encrusted wonders. 

Here, with Cash Express, your trusted pawn broker, we aim to guide you into the heart of this enthralling world, armed with knowledge and confidence.

1. Understand the Value of Your Item

This first step is fundamental. Research, appraisals, and consultations are integral in understanding your item's worth. The internet is your friend here. Auction sites, antique databases, and collectors' forums can offer insights into current market prices. 

Local appraisers provide a more hands-on, detailed analysis. This knowledge won't just aid you in negotiating a fair price; it will arm you with the confidence to step into the pawn shop, aware of the potential opportunities lying within your keepsake.

2. Pawn or Sell? Decide Ahead of Time

Pawn shops offer two distinct services: pawning and selling. Pawning means getting a loan with your item as collateral. You receive instant cash, and there's the possibility of reclaiming your item once you repay the loan. 

Selling, on the other hand, involves a direct trade of your item for money. Your needs should guide this decision. If your item has sentimental value or you believe its worth might increase over time, pawning could be the best route. 

But if you're seeking a larger immediate payout and aren't concerned about retrieving the item, selling outright might be your path.

3. Prepare Your Item

A bit of shine and sparkle can go a long way. Clean items command higher prices, as they present well to prospective buyers. Whether it's a piece of jewelry, a high-end watch, or an antique item, ensuring it's in the best possible condition can enhance its appeal. 

For delicate or older items, professional cleaning is advisable to prevent inadvertent damage. After all, first impressions count, and presenting your item at its best could significantly improve the final offer.

4. Expertise Matters

In the world of pawnbroking, expertise can make a significant difference in the value you get from your item. At Cash Express, our brokers specialize in a wide array of valuable items such as jewelry, watches, and high-end pieces. 

Our proficiency extends to antiques, diamonds, precious metals, and other expensive items. By choosing a pawn shop with relevant expertise, you ensure a fair and accurate assessment, securing a deal that mirrors the true worth of your item.

5. Negotiate

Engage with confidence in the art of negotiation. Armed with your research, present your case. Remember, your researched price isn't a final number, but a starting point. Flexibility can facilitate a more successful negotiation. 

Approach the discussion with an open mind, stay patient, and keep your end goal in sight. A well-negotiated deal is usually a win-win for both parties involved.

6. Understand the Terms

Before you seal the deal, grasp the terms thoroughly. If you're pawning, know the loan period, interest rates, and the retrieval process. There are federal regulations that have to be followed.

When selling, understand the shop's policies about unsold items. If anything seems unclear, ask. It's crucial you feel comfortable with all terms before you part with your precious item.

Visit Us Today

With this guide, you're now ready to navigate the fascinating world of pawnshops. From that dusty attic find to the welcoming smile at Cash Express, each step can bring you closer to unlocking hidden treasures. 

So, why wait? Visit us at Cash Express today at 731 Chestnut St. Our friendly and expert team is ready to guide you on this journey. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, we're proud to offer a seamless, rewarding experience in pawnbroking. 

Unlock the value of your valuables, and experience the thrill of turning hidden treasures into quick cash today. And if you have any questions before visiting, just reach out! 

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Friday, July 28 2023
Pawn Shop Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for a Positive Experience

Every business has some underlying “do and don’t” structure. As the number one pawn broker in Philadelphia for Quick Cash. Cash Express sees people make mistakes all the time. Let’s face it, you won’t see a class on pawning in college. So, your best bet is to get some “inside” information. 

Some pawnshop etiquette is common sense, however. Primarily remember to be polite. Just because you’re in a pawnshop doesn’t mean it’s ‘seedy.’ Having an arrogant attitude or being combative won’t work here. In fact, it might get you kicked out. This advice applies to people who have come to buy or sell.

It is one thing to be firm and another altogether to come across as belligerent or disrespectful. Those negative attitudes impact your offer. Or, the shop owner may decide it’s not worth the frustration to go through the process, especially if it seems you won’t be happy no matter the outcome.

Helps and Hints for Pawning Items

When you bring an item to a pawnbroker, prepare yourself ahead of time. It is highly unlikely you will get full market value. Besides the fact that the shop needs to make a profit, there are other reasons the price may be less than expected. 

For example, you might have a high-end watch, but it needs repair. That repair impacts your offer, as it is figured into the equation. Then too, there may be noticeable wear, making the item a little harder to sell than a pretty shiny thing.

There may be some wiggle room, and it can’t hurt to try, remembering that most brokers hope to buy at half the retail value. But this exchange, too, should be civil. Remember, you can always decline and try your luck elsewhere.

Hop on the internet and take a look at items similar to yours. It will give you a feel for the average price of the item you hope to sell. Don’t be disappointed if you find your treasure isn’t quite the pot of gold you hoped. There are many “knock-off” products in the market, and yours may be one. 

Nonetheless, you will have some financial range in mind. Now, most pawn shops like Cash Express have appraisers on hand who have vast amounts of data from which they create an offer. If you feel it’s not fair, explain why. 

You are under no obligation to explain where you found the item or what you paid for it. The item may have far more (or less) value than the original purchase price. This is more a tactic than a note about ethics, but it’s a good approach. Besides, at the end of the day, it’s the broker’s job to determine values and offers. Once you have the first offer, haggle from there.

It is perfectly acceptable to realize the negotiation is not going to end where you hope. At this point, you can say, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep it for now.” Or, you can determine the lowest price you’ll accept. If that price is nowhere in the ballpark of the offer, save everyone some time and politely decline.

What are your options if you walk? Well, you can try an auction house. Or sell it on eBay. Perhaps in the end, you’ll hold on to it for another day.

The Cash Express Experience

Cash Express specializes in high-end pieces, precious metals and stones, jewelry, and watches. Our staff are approachable and helpful. Contact us today by calling 215-922-1560 or by using our online form.


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Friday, July 14 2023
The Benefits of Shopping at a Pawn Shop: Finding Hidden Gems and Saving Money

Cash Express is your number-one Pawn Shop in Philadelphia when you’re looking for a special or unique gift. Our store has everything from watches and rings to musical instruments and hand tools. Sometimes people find the idea of going to a pawn shop offputting. There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable. We have professional staff who greet you with a smile.

Advantages of Shopping at a Pawn Store

If you’re coming to a pawn shop to sell an item or put it on loan, the process is easy. There are no lengthy bank processes or paperwork. You also don’t have to wait for your money.


Pawn shops are often open more hours than regular stores, meaning you can go after work. Every day their inventory changes to some degree. So, if you find there’s nothing you want on Thursday, try stopping by on Monday.


Selling your item gives you more in your wallet, and you may want to shop right there for other goods! If you’ve noticed a few things that catch your eye, bring them up during your sale. You may be able to trade, sometimes by adding a little money, or you may get cash back.


Pawning an item for a loan means giving it up for a while to help with quick cash. As long as you repay the loan on time, you get it back. However, the pawnbroker can move it into inventory if you don't. For this reason, we highly advise against pawning family heirlooms or goods that have sentimental value.

Option vs. a Conventional Loan

When a person’s credit score is bad, it becomes difficult to obtain a loan unless you’re willing to pay an excessive amount of interest. Here, at Cash Express, there are no credit checks. We base our loan on the item’s value instead. Pawnshops also typically offer far lower interest rates than banks or other loaning establishments.

Repayment Terms Offer Flexibility

You chose the pace at which you can comfortably repay the loan. If you find you can’t pay on time, the shop may let you extend the loan period as long as you provide small, good-faith payments. Everything is confidential.

Discovering Worth

If you’ve never had an appraisal on your item,  you can get one now. However, that price is higher than what you receive, so the shop can profit.

Your Invitation to Cash Express

We would love to help you with your choices of items or finding the best approach to your loan. If you’re selling, we are always in the market for jewelry, gems, watches, antiques, precious metals, musical instruments, cameras, and electronics. You can always call us ahead of time to see if we’re in the market for what you have.

Our highly trained professionals provide accurate appraisals. We also have a fantastic staff whose mission is to make you feel comfortable. 

Contact us:

Telephone - 215-922-1560


Our Online Form: 


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Wednesday, June 28 2023
Pawn Shop Sustainability and How it's a Good Business for U.S.


The idea of trading goods for cash is nothing new. Merchants around the world, for thousands of years, accepted both labor and items in lieu of money or paid outright for a treasure. Pawning is a type of recycling goods contributing to a circular economy. It’s also a fast way for people to obtain cash.

Don’t Throw it Out!

Pawnshops are on the lookout for merchandise in good condition. This extends the usable life of each item. When people buy gently used goods they not only save money but keep those items out of landfills. Additionally, shopping at a pawnshop reduces the carbon footprint. The item has already been manufactured!

The sustainability of pawnshops like Cash Express appeals to shoppers. From an environmental perspective, there’s a lot of attention on the “throwaway economy.” Clothing is one example. While some may donate, others often just toss perfectly good belongings in the bin. Many individuals, particularly Gen Z, want sustainability and support companies like pawnshops that have resale options. 

Pawnshops Help Businesses Grow

Some people who have high-end valuable items pawn them for quick collateral. They can then use the money to support a start-up, secure a patent, get a delivery vehicle, and prepare for an immediate expansion, just to name a few. Luxury goods rank highly on the list of items pawnshops buy regularly. Many times affluent entrepreneurs have a tidy treasure in their closets, display cases, and dotted around the home.

So, if a business person has an opportunity they need to latch on to quickly, taking a trip to the pawnshop makes perfect sense. Getting large loans from a traditional avenue takes time. Meanwhile, the window for closing a deal is short. 

At Cash Express in Philadephia, we think of these transactions as “opportunity loans.” We become involved in our community’s growth. Additionally, these exchanges illustrate the idea of pawning being only for the poor or desperate is quite untrue.  

Pawnshop Sustainability and Shopping

When people prefer to purchase goods yet avoid retail shopping, they think of resale! A pawnshop is an ideal location to peruse goods. And the variety of options makes the experience exciting. You may find your first idea wasn’t the best when you stumble on that “perfect” gift, for example. 

One area where pawnshops really shine is antiques. Some of these items have historical value, and as a pawnshop buys them, they help keep that history alive. There are interesting and unique goods from which to choose. And, not all antiques are expensive. You’d be surprised by some of the great prices you can get. 

The Cash Express Experience

When you come into our store to sell something, we have appraisers on-site to ensure the value of your goods. Now, remember you won’t get the full amount, but you will walk out with money in your pocket. Not all pawn exchanges are loans, either. You can just sell things you no longer want outright. If you’re not sure you have something we’d want, just call ahead at 215-922-1560 and ask!

You can also contact us online or by email at Become part of the effort to reuse and recycle instead of just throwing things away. Pawnshops are sustainable and good for the US economy.

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Wednesday, June 14 2023
What Decides Pawn Shop Prices

When you watch a pawn shop show or go to sell something in person, you may wonder how companies like Cash Express in Philadelphia, PA, figure out their pricing. Understanding the process will help you when you are trying to buy or exchange an item for fast cash.

The Appraisal

Many pawn shops have specialized people to appraise specific items as they come in. Examples would be jewelry and antiques. The price of an appraisal depends on many things.

  • How sellable is your item based on previous shop sales

  • The current stock of similar items

  • Reviewing market value

  • Quality and condition

Bundle all these together, and voila, a price!

The “Blue Book” for Pawn Pricing

For quite some time, pawnbrokers had to use a printed book to check baseline values. Thankfully, now they can use internet databases for comparative pricing.  Since the market for various goods changes all the time, having a current summary helps both the pawnbroker and you!

Some storefronts have chosen to create their own reference, kept in the shop’s computer. This is basically “personalize” for the establishment and acts as a helpmate for staff. Within their database, the broker can include a list of what to do before trying to judge the condition of an item. For example, collectors’ pieces have a greater value if they have provenance proving their authenticity. 

Perusing Provenance:

When buying or selling, being able to prove its history can change everything value-wise. The best provenance is having original documents of ownership or a certificate of authenticity. Receipts, exhibition labels, and auction documents are all similarly helpful. 

Expert Consultation 

When a pawnbroker or their staff doesn’t have experience in an item or its worth, they reach out to specialist consultants. Most pawn shops have a list of people they regularly use for various goods like guns and autographs. That individual will give the broker an amount, and you would obviously receive less than that so the shop can make a profit. 

Desirous Items

If you have more than one pawnbroker in the area, like Cash Express, each has its own feel, a personality, if you will. Pawn brokers pick and chose what they want in their store. Some might be experts in antiques (Antiques by Ark’s) but rarely carry modern tools, for example. If you’re not certain about what you should bring to get fast cash, give them a call and ask. It will save you time and frustration.

When a pawnbroker has a list of sought-after goods, and what you own is on that list, you’ll likely get a better deal. In general, brokers are always looking for:

  • Curios and heirlooms

  • Electronics

  • Game consoles

  • Home appliances

  • Musical instruments

  • Sports gear

  • Tools

  • Watches

On the other hand, you may be out of luck if you are trying to pawn a television, camera, computer, or smartphone. The technology in such times rapidly improves, decreasing how the pawn shop can price them.

Cash Express Prices

Besides having trained, friendly staff, Cash Express prices quick cash loans reasonably. We are the number one pawn shop in Philadelphia for a reason-people trust us. And we offer a wide variety of goods if you are looking to buy.

Use our online contact form to open a conversation. Our phone number is 215-922-1560. And if you prefer, email the address is

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